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GUFI Hosts “Un-Lawning” Ceremony for New Community Garden

After a year of ups and downs to find the best location to build an urban farm in East Greensboro, The GUFI found a wonderful partner in St. Phillips AME Zion Church on Ashe Street. Brandon King, a garden designer, created a blueprint of the garden that includes a greenhouse, raised beds, in-ground garden, edible bushes, children’s garden, and pollinators along the greenway of the Randleman Road. The garden is named “St. Phillips Garden of Peace.” The “un-lawning” ceremony to mark the beginning of this project was February 27, 2021. Over 20 volunteers came together to start building a greenhouse, removing the grass, preparing the foundation, and setting up the frames. The GUFI has also partnered with the Guilford County Farm (GCF). (note: it used to be a prison farm, which in itself is another important story! –

The GCF is allowing the GUFI to use one of their greenhouses for seeding. On January 18th, over 15 volunteers gathered at the GCF to seed several thousand seeds of a variety of spring vegetables. Now they have all sprouted. Some of the sprouts will be planted at St. Phillips, and others will be sold or shared.  The next phase of the garden is un-lawning of the in-ground garden space and building of raised beds, which will be happening later in March. Another round of seeding at the GCF will occur on Friday, March 6. With regard to cultivating community relations for the Garden of Peace, Rev. Lisa Caldwell is currently helping me to identify “community connecters” (Rev. Lisa’s words) who can help facilitate bringing people together.