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Beloved Community Center

The Beloved Community Center’s (BCC) mission is rooted in Dr. Luther King Jr.’s legacy of overcoming racial and economic injustices by creating democracy and beloved community. The BCC has “longevity,” founded in 1991 with a mission to “elevate the voices of the most oppressed,” according to Joyce Johnson, the co-executive director of the organization. Two ongoing initiatives for the BCC are energizing Black and Latina women to vote in the upcoming presidential election, and advancing justice for the late Marcus Deon Smith, who was fatally hogtied by the Greensboro Police Department in 2018. The BCC will hire a community intern, improve the organization’s communication operations in outreach and archiving, and develop a communications manual for future use. This sharing of information and stories that is at the heart of the BCC grant programming, promotes both connections and resiliency in oppressed communities.

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