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Student Scholarship & Experiences

Dr. Marianne LeGreco and Food Security in Greensboro.

By Michelle Mieden, Ehab Yimam and Fred Butler Dr. Marianne LeGreco is an Associate Professor and a Graduate Program Director […]

Joyce Johnson Bends the Arc Towards Justice

  By Alec Wagner, Lani Allred and Dey Zambrana-Soler Joyce Johnson is a social justice advocate whose life experiences have […]

The Poulos Perspective on Community Impact

By Damon Youmans Jr., Maya Williams and Cristal Gonzalez “I think of leadership as a generative process that can work […]

GUFI Creates Needed Change

By Eboni Walker, Magaree Brown and Grace Herndon “…Build a community where people know each other, not just the face, […]

Beth Sheffield: Her Leadership and Impact

By Isaiah Thomas Maerz, Adrianna Roach, Amaka Molokwu and KaLien Wylie Beth Sheffield is a community leader who currently works […]

Dr. Simon Leads with Her Charisma and Passion

By Nick Stankovic, Blake Shoemaker, Brady Shoemaker and Sara Manring “I saw some of my quietest students, some of the […]

Jailah Pettis

Jailah Pettis Sees the Value of Everyone’s Voices in Politics

By Lauren Sprout, Class of ’23 MA Candidate, UNCG, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Jailah Pettis, a December 2020 UNCG graduate […]

Stephen Haynes

Steven Haynes Confronts Discrimination and Calls for Social Change

By Nabil Rahma, PhD Candidate, UNCG, School of Music Steven Haynes, a former student in Communicating Ethically, described his participation in […]

Keller Poteat

Kellar Poteat Puts Her Passion to Work for Children

By Eliza Lathery, Class of ’22 MA Candidate, UNCG, Communication Studies Kellar always liked working with kids. She enjoyed taking roles […]

Abby Thomas Salah

Abby Salah Sees the Potential in Adults with Disabilities

By Taylor Delaney, Class of ‘22 MA Candidate, UNCG, Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies Abby Thomas Salah is an activist in […]