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Growing Green for Greens

Dr. Marianne LeGreco and Food Security in Greensboro.

By Michelle Mieden, Ehab Yimam and Fred Butler Dr. Marianne LeGreco is an Associate Professor and a Graduate Program Director […]

Students Team up to Film “Tight Knit” Communities at Neighborhood Markets

Two students enrolled in Communication & Community, a UNCG Department of Communication Studies course, are collaborating with the NCA-CCCC project […]

People’s Market delivers healthy food and community when it’s needed

By Dan Bayer Even as the COVID-19 crisis continues, some neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC are resuming treasured local activities that […]

Corner Farmers Market maintains neighborhood connections during pandemic

by Dan Bayer Article update: As of July 31, 2021, the Corner Farmers Market has moved to 2105 Market Street. […]